Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Unlikely referral source for the Chapin Elders...

We did an apartment inspection in Chapin tonight before we took the Elders to dinner.  As I was checking out the kitchen, I noticed two cool bowls in the dish rack.  "I love your bowls!"  Elder Arnoldsen said, "Those are actually Diane's bowls."  "Diane?"  You know Bill and Diane?  They came to church with us a while back."

The Elders had made a deal with Bill and Diane - if they came to our church, the Elders would go to their church with them.  :o)  They have continued to have them over for dinner and have listened to some of the missionary discussions as well.  When the Elders finish up a discussion, they ask, "Who do you know that might benefit from this discussion?"  Bill and Diane pull out their church directory and give the elders names.

Several members of the congregation have asked about "those two young men who came to church with Bill and Diane."  They've asked, "Are they going to come back?"  :o)

One night the Elders shared a discussion and a song with Bill and Diane.  They were telling people at the church about it and the choir director said, "Bring them to choir practice and we'll have them sing for us."  So they did!  The two sang, "Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy."  The people loved it. Some of them sang along.  One man said, "I haven't heard that song since I was a Baptist!"  A 93-year-old lady cried.

The Chapin Elders are great!  Whether or not they get any baptisms out of the Methodist congregation - they are spreading a lot of good will!   I'm not sure about Bill and Diane.  As Diane said, "I am way too entrenched in our church to change."

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