Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mayor of Columbia on board to welcome new recruits...

We left the mission last Friday and flew to OKC so we could go to the blessing of a 2 month-old-grandson.  We flew back Monday night 

A great majority of the passengers on our flight from Atlanta last night were new recruits, headed for basic training at Ft. Jackson. Just as we were about to land, a flight attendant came over the intercom and asked us to stay in our seats for a minute after the captain turned off the seat belt lights. She said that the Mayor of Columbia, SC had a message for us having to do with our national security. We all wondered what that was all about.
When the lights went off, a passenger just a few rows behind us stood up and introduced himself as Stephen K. Benjamin, Mayor of Columbia, SC He said that there were many young men and women on our flight who had chosen to serve our country and were coming to Fort Jackson for training. He welcomed them to Columbia and thanked them for their choice to serve. Everyone applauded. It was great! Jack snapped this shot of the mayor and one of the recruits as they stopped in the aisle beside us for a photo opportunity. Love my country and love the young men and women who have the desire to keep it free. God bless 'em! :o)

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