Tuesday, January 20, 2015

He called the temple...

A brother from the South Carolina Columbia Temple called the office a few weeks ago.  He said a young man had called the temple, wanting to know where he could go to attend our church.  The temple worker took his name and address and told him that missionaries would contact him within 24 hours.

I am the Referral Manager for our mission, so I put the information in the system, noting that the man's address was in the same apartment complex - even the same unit - as our WAS Sisters.  WAS stands for Women's Auxiliary Specialists.  Sister Barton and Sister Munson are senior missionaries like we are, only they serve as single sister because they have both lost their spouses.

When President Holm was over the mission, he assigned Jack and me as the WAS Sisters' home teacher and visiting teacher.  We watch out for them, assist them in any way we can and meet with them at least every month to give them the HT and VT lessons.

Last night, they invited us for dinner in conjunction with our monthly visit.  They also invited the West Columbia Zone Leaders, who have been teaching the man who lives in their complex.  They said that he is soon getting baptized and is very excited about it.  :o)

At dinner, we learned a little more about the young man.  He had first searched out the church on mormon.org and was taught on-line for a while.  Then he saw missionaries in Charleston.  A while after than, he lost contact with the church and the missionaries.  Three years later, he once again found himself drawn to the church and that's when he called the temple.  He said, "I don't know why, but something just drew me to the Mormon Church."  Of course, it was the Spirit that prompted him to investigate once again.

He is getting married soon and his fiance  is not interested in the church at all.  In fact she's not very excited about him getting baptized.  He said, "It's just because she doesn't know anything about it." He thinks that someday she'll accept it and be baptized too.

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