Wednesday, August 14, 2013


We got an email from the Provo MTC a couple of days ago.  They had the following questions for us...

      1.       Will you need accommodations at the MTC, or do you have other arrangements?
      2.       Will you bring a car to the MTC?
      3.       Will you have a cell phone at the MTC?  What is your cell phone number?

Senior missions are sure a lot different than the young men/women's missions!  We have heard that the MTC is so crowded that a lot of the senior couples are being housed in area hotels!  Don't know yet where we will be.

They also told us that our day will begin at 8 AM and class the first week will end at 4:30, except for Friday, when we'll be done an hour earlier.  We will be studying from Preach My Gospel the whole first week.

We have the option of staying in Provo or coming home after the 1st week.  We are coming home.  :o)

The second week, we will train Monday through Thursday, and will be learning about our responsibilities in the mission office. When we're done, we'll drive home, pack up all our stuff and head back east.

We plan to stop for a night with Danny and Dalena and the kids along the way, and another stop in Knoxville, to see Ryan and Heather and their children.  After that - the next stop will be Columbia!  :o)


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